Dress Code for Course and Clubhouse

All Members and Visitors are required to be dressed smartly within the Clubhouse and on the Course.

• Collarless shirts, even those manufactured by recognised golf clothing manufacturers as well as T shirts, crew necks and turtle necks of any variety are not allowed. Polo necks are permitted. Shirts must be tucked into trousers (and shorts where allowed) at all times.

• Rugby/football shirts are prohibited, as are any shirts carrying logos, team colours, slogans, numbers or illustrations on apparel that are not golf related.

• All types or colour of denim, paramilitary or camouflage style trousers, combat trousers (multiple pockets), cut offs or tracksuits are strictly prohibited.

• Training shoes, jogging bottoms, shell suits, hooded tops are strictly prohibited.

• Tailored shorts are allowed on the Course but not in the lounges and dining room Cut-off trousers, Pantaloni types, shorts below the knee and cargo/multi pocketed shorts are not allowed.

• Multi coloured shorts are strictly prohibited.

• Golf shoes must be worn on the course. Any other type of shoes, including trainers, are strictly prohibited

• Water proof jackets/ trousers are not permitted in the Clubhoue except in the locker room.

Dirty Bar

• Smart dress denims (unstained, clean and not torn) and sport/training shoes in a clean and good condition may be worn in this bar but all other requirements of the dress code must be observed. • During the period covered by British Summer Time, tailored shorts which comply with the above restrictions are permitted in the Dirty Bar. Members and/or

Visitors not adhering to the Dress Code will be asked to leave the premises or course and be answerable to the Committee for any breach.